My First Birthday

I had two birthdays! At the first party I had all my friends and aunties and uncles over to play, on the day before my birthday. At the second one, on my real-live birthday day, my Grandma and my Grandpa and my Nana and my Grandad all came over to see me!

The First Party:

I got fish for my birthday from Uncle Blade and Auntie Scarlet! They're so cool! I said "fish" for the first time the very next morning.

Mama and Dada got me books, of course. One was about cats! And I could touch things, like the scratchy basket!

My friend Matthieu and his parents gave me another cool book, this one a look and find book with everyone from Blue's Clues in it! I still haven't seen the show, but I sure like looking through the book.

My godparents gave me blocks! Blocks are awesome! You can take them out of the box, and put them back in! It's great!

I like that everyone had fun. I don't understand why Uncle Blade wouldn't share his bottle with me, though.

(Mama wrote about my party here.)

The Second Party:

The next day, one of my balloons was still bouncy. In fact, it lasted a whole week! I played with it while waiting for everyone to arrive for my second party. I love balloons.

I got lots of things for presents like clothes and more books. But Mama and Dada gave me my extra-special birthday present at my second party. It was a Thomas the Tank Engine! A big one I can sit on! I was a little nervous when I first saw it, because I had only ever seen Thomas on the television. But after I took a good look at him, I was really happy.

Thomas is lots of fun! I like riding him. He makes sounds too, like his theme song and train whistles and horns and chuffing sounds and things like that.

After dinner (orzo salad and salmon and asparagus, mmmm) everyone sang to me, and Mama and Nana gave me a pile of cupcakes with a candle in them. (Look, I'm playing with one of the new blocks my godparents gave me!)

Then I got the cupcake with the candle, all for myself! Mama and I blew it out together first.

It was so yummy. Mama had been talking about how yummy these carrot cupcakes were ever since she made them. And at my first party I got a cookie, but not a cupcake.

Oh, yeah. Really yummy. I hope she makes more some day.

I had a great party! I can't wait till my second birthday!